Stop Rust and Leaks with the Duro-Shield Roofing System


At Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc., we know your commercial building in Houston needs protection from water damage. That’s why we recommend installing a Duro-Shield Roofing System. This renowned roofing system offers premium surface protection, ensuring your roof will safely and efficiently last longer.

Some problems associated with unprotected metal roofs include:

  • Loose Screws, Seams and Cracks. Your metal roof expands with heat and contracts with cold temperatures. During these changes, the roof pulls at its seems, causing cracks or loosened screws.
  • Rust and Corrosion. It’s no secret that metal rusts. Similarly, metal roofs exposed to snow, rain, and ponding water suffer from corrosion.
  • Interior Drips. When your roof isn’t properly insulated, cold temperatures allow warm, water vapor inside the building, collecting as frost on the roofing panels. You could experience dripping, or even rusting, inside your building.


The Duro-Shield Roofing System fits over your metal roof. That means it saves time and money in labor during installation. Like other Duro-Last systems, Duro-Shield is prefabricated and customized for your building.

Duro-Shield protects your metal roof from extreme weather, including ponding water. The quality of these roofing systems is unmatched. They are resistant to both extreme heat and cold and are able to withstand strong winds. What’s more, you can stop worrying knowing you made a good investment in your building because Duro-Shield offers 20-year warranties.

Code Approvals

Not only is the Duro-shield roofing system code compliant for all local and national roofing standards, it exceeds the minimum requirement. As the roofing system is prefabricated before the installation, you can be sure that it meets those regulations before work begins.

If you notice signs of wear and tear on your metal roofing, contact the premier Houston roofers at Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc.. We can assess your roof and determine if a Duro-Shield roofing system can offer protection for your business.