4 Signs There’s a Problem with Your Commercial Roofing

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The roof on your commercial building plays a huge role in keeping your business running, but for many people it’s something they don’t think about much — that is, until there’s a problem. Rather than dealing with major problems that require extensive repairs or even commercial roof replacement, it’s much better to understand some of the early signs of a problem so you can make small repairs as needed to prevent a bigger problem later.

Interior Water Stains

One of the easiest ways to spot a problem on the top of a commercial roof is actually by looking below. That is, look at the ceiling on the top floor of the commercial building for signs of leaking water. Usually you’ll see this in the form of discolored ceiling tiles, bubbles in the ceiling, or dripping water. Even a small leak in your commercial roofing in Houston could turn into significant costs for repairs later if not addressed early.

Mold and Mildew

Another way to spot ceiling damage from the interior of your building is to know and look for signs of mold and mildew damage. You might see it in the form of black streaks on the support system under the roof, or you may smell the distinct mold odor in certain areas of the building. Don’t ignore these signs. If you notice either, immediately get a roofing contractor to check out your building to remove any mold or mildew and make repairs to prevent it in the future.

Damaged Seams

On top of your Houston commercial roofing, you can spot signs of potential damage by checking the seams. Commercial roofing materials are often installed in long strips, which means the weakest areas are where these strips meet. Proper installation from a quality roofing contractor can help prevent problems. However, if you notice that the seams are showing signs of coming apart, call a contractor to come and repair it before it turns into a leak.

Standing Water

Another potential problem you can spot from the top of a commercial roof is puddled or standing water. Commercial roofing should be designed to repel water from storms, which often hit the Houston area. But, over time your roof might start to sink in some areas and not drain water like it should. Standing water can quickly damage even the best roofing materials, so make it a habit after a storm to go on the roof and look around for these signs. If you’re not sure what to look for, you can hire a roofing contractor in Houston to check it out.

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