Reasons to Consider Metal for Your Commercial Roofing

metal roof

Most people have seen commercial buildings with metal roofing, and you may have wondered if metal roofing is the right option for your business. Depending on the type of roofing you have now, there are certainly some advantages that you might not be aware of if you choose metal roofing for your building.

1: Long Lasting

Metal roofing has been shown to last much longer than other steep slope roofing options, particularly if your other choice is shingles. It’s also a lot more affordable than options like tile and stone. This means you can achieve significant savings by not needing to replace your roof or requiring maintenance nearly as often. Metal roofing has been shown to last as long as 50 or more years, which makes the lifetime cost of this roofing much lower than other choices.

2: Design Options

For commercial buildings that don’t have a flat roof, the appearance of the roofing does matter. One advantage of metal roofing is all the options available for you to customize it. That includes choosing from many different color and style options – allowing you to have a unique building that coordinates and matches perfectly. You can also choose from several styles that help you adjust for the weather challenges in your area, from heavy rains to scorching heat.

3: Simple Maintenance

If maintaining your roofing sounds about as much fun as sitting in a sauna on a summer afternoon in Las Vegas, then you should check out metal roofing for your business. Traditional flat roofing can be difficult to maintain, especially since you frequently have service technicians and maintenance team members walking on it (exposing it to puncture risks). Flat surfaces also make it harder to ensure proper runoff and prevent standing water. Metal roofing offers pretty simple maintenance. And, it’s a surface your team members can walk on if there is a need for maintenance, without risking additional damage.

4: Energy Savings

If one of your company’s goals is to save energy and go green to cut costs this year, metal roofing can play a role. Metal roofing has been shown to have exceptional ability to prevent heating and cooling air loss, keeping warm air inside your building in cold seasons and cool air in warm seasons. That translates to lower costs for your air conditioning in the summer and your heating in the winter.

If you have been considering new commercial roofing for your building, metal roofing is a great long lasting, low-maintenance, energy-saving design option. Find out more about the options you have from Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc..

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