The Visual and Additional Benefits of Skylights

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Most people think of windows and doorways when considering elements like natural light in the home or workplace, but they’re often forgetting one option that can dwarf them both: skylights.

Located in the roof of a commercial building, a skylight is a great way to add natural light to a location – and also has a few hidden benefits, too. Our Duro-Last series of skylights at Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc. is built to last, with hurricane- and blast-resistant glazing available for the strongest durability possible. Let’s look at some of the benefits of skylights in a commercial roof.


The primary benefit of a skylight is the aesthetic value it adds to any space. Everyone likes more light, and a skylight offers larger amounts of natural sunlight, which can noticeably improve mood and energy levels in some people.

In a commercial roof setting for a business, this can be especially beneficial. Employee productivity can go up, and employees may have better moods and attitudes with more light available.

Diffused Light

Our Duro-Last products are not only affordable and long-lasting, but come with a few specific light benefits. Diffused light can be easier on the eyes for many people, and our units are designed specifically to eliminate any glare created by the sun’s natural light. For anyone with light sensitivity, this can be a major benefit.


In many situations, a skylight can add to your business’s heating capability. Solar heat fills into the open areas through the openings in the roof, and if your solar heat gain coefficient is high enough (this is a measure of how much solar heat you’ll gain from your window), you can see real heating benefits without lifting a finger.

Energy Costs

Down the same lines, this can lower energy costs for many people. You have to be careful in warmer months, as there’s a chance your cooling costs could rise correspondingly, but smart design from our experts will allow you to ride the middle here and lower heating costs without affecting cooling much.

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