Why Roof Insulation is So Important

roof insulation

There are several vital elements that determine the longevity and good condition of any commercial roof. Without a doubt, one of the most important ones is insulation. Commercial roofing without proper insulation will run several risks. Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc. utilizes Duro-Guard insulation, which keeps you safe and without any concern.

Insulation acts as the protective blanket between the surface of the roof and the deck, and is designed to reduce the transfer of heat. But, why exactly is insulation so important in a commercial roofing situation? Let’s find out.

Energy Savings

Insulation is one of the biggest crux points out there when it comes to overall energy costs and expenses. The proper insulation can keep you right in or below your target range. On the other hand, improper insulation can cause you major headaches when it comes to paying the bill.

Consider this: Poor insulation in the attic can increase your home’s energy costs by 15%. Over the course of a full year, that can be thousands of dollars in increased costs, all of which could be avoided simply by calling a professional company like Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc. to install insulation that holds heat.

Carbon Footprint

The 15 percent listed above isn’t just an imposition to your pocketbook – it’s an imposition to the environment. Every little bit of additional heating-related energy is another addition to your carbon footprint. For larger commercial buildings, these marks can become gigantic due to wasted energy from poor roof insulation.

Mold and Condensation

Many types of insulation offer built-in mold resistance, and even those that don’t still provide a layer of protection against moisture. Down similar lines, insulation reduces any condensation in the building, which can be very important for certain commercial businesses.

Fire Rating and Roof Deck Support

Proper insulation will make your building safer from fire, and you’ll likely receive a higher protective rating among other businesses. Additionally, it will lead to a more consistent temperature, which will provide a greater support to roof decks exposed to diverse environmental conditions.

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