Common Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

roof repairs

At Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc. we have seen every possible roof problem. Noises, leaks or dipping issues are well within our range of expertise, and we’re available anytime you need. We are highly trained to performer any roof repairs.

Always remember that you can be a big part of your roof’s maintenance, as you’re its first line of defense. It’s often up to you to notice the signs of potential roof problems, and to contact an expert when you detect deterioration. Here is a few tips of what to look for:


Pay attention to any creaks, pops or rumblings that seem to be coming from the roof. Some elements might be loose or disconnected, or the wind may have brought in other damaging for objects to the roof. Call our contractors right away if you notice recurring noises.

Shingle Issues

When asphalt shingle roofs are nearing or have passed their 20th birthday, it’s probably a good time for a basic inspection. In addition, if you find any shingles curling, buckling, missing or looking smooth instead of textured (a sign they’re losing granules), a close look might be needed, so repairs or replacements can be ordered.

Sagging or Dipping

If you see obvious spots where the roof is sagging or dripping in any way, this requires immediate inspection. Remember, it could become be a safety concern if not handled correctly.

Chimney Considerations

Call for an immediate inspection if  the flashing around your chimney is missing, dislocated or showing any other major signs of damage. As flashing is designed to seal the chimney, major issues could lead to leaks, debris and even pest infestations.

Want to learn more about common signs of roof issues, roofing repairs or any of our services? Speak to the roofing contractors at Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc. today!