Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc. has always provided us with “Top Notch” service, although we have very rarely needed anything after the initial installation of our roofs. We have had a Duro-Last roof on our original station for about 20 years and our administrative building for over 15 years.
After the hail event in Angleton in the Spring of 2014, they were quick to respond to our needs. They were able to get us a patch to hold us until they could get the time and material to replace the roof.
Their staff is always courteous and professional and I cannot imagine doing business with another company. The Duro-Last roof is expensive but it is a very high quality product with an impeccable warranty. I wholeheartedly recommend Jaco for your roofing and/or construction needs.

Lucille Maes, LP | Chief, Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps, Inc.


Jaco Roofing & Construction, Inc. renovated our entire 75,000 SQ FT facility back in 2014 with a new roof, and we have not had one issue since. Each time we have called for new curbs, they have responded immediately and were at the site with in 24 hours to help us out. We just bought a larger building, and we have already committed to Jaco on a complete roof rebuild on that building as well. We worked with them and the architect to also put in a sky light, and it was no issue to work around that at all. The company is very price competitive, answer all requests quickly, and are a class act. Highly recommended.

Kody Ellis | Bella McCoy, Houston, Texas

My name is Hollis Porcher, and I have been involved in the roofing industry since 1953. Thirty-seven of those years were spent with a large and highly reputable roofing contractor, and this is where I learned how and why a good roof system performs well for its expected life span.

Most roof systems were a built-up type, and used asphalt or coal tar pitch as the bitumen. Needless to say, I have observed the introduction and failures of many new and innovative systems. Click to view the complete letter in pdf format sent by Mr. Porcher.

Hollis R. Porcher | Porcher, Inc.